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Parker Samuel Johnson was born of Isaac and Elmira Johnson on 17 April 1847 in Madison, Wisconsin. He married Ella Ellise Davis (Born 12/19/1856 in Sparta, Wi., Died 30 August 1923). Ella's parents were Ira and Annis (Bernard) Davis. Parker and Ella Johnson had 7 children.
Leslie; B. 11/12/1876
Bertha; B. 10/25/1878
Ella; B. 05/27/1882
Cora; B. 06/18/1885
Ira; B. 06/08/1889
May; B. 1891
and Myrtle; B. 07/24/1893

Parker died in November of 1935 and Ella died 30 August 1923.

The following is a letter written by Dean Northup, dictated to daughter Linda on 10-28-1998, and entered into this site by Rick Northup on 29 October, 1998.

I'm sure most of you, (especially Val) {Claypool, married to Jeff Claypool }would be happy to know the Johnson side of the family also believed in family reunions. In 1921 after living in Canada for 18 months with (or near) her folks, Archie and Myrtle Northup moved to Ottertail County near sisters Cora Claypool and May Baldwin so when Aunt Bertha got a chance to visit, the four sisters and their extended families got together at the Northup, Baldwin or Claypool home. In 1958 Claude and Cora Claypool, Archie and Myrtle Northup & Al & May Baldwin were together for the last time at Baldwins at Allens Grove, Wisconsin.

There is also a low swampy area about 1/2 mi. S.E. of the Northup home that extends from Peterson to Dead Lakes. Spring runoff flooded the road so Al Baldwin and Claude Claypool dug a ditch, approximately 3/4 mile long to connect them, leving a barrier next to the road at Peterson Lake. The water was pretty high when they dynamited the barrier and Uncle Al got a big kick out of telling how the surge of water washed the clumps of dirt ahead of it. It relieved the flooding and Ottertail Co. maps show a squiggly line between the two lakes. I used to catch frogs there for bait at Phelps Mill.

Lotza Love,
I also have a letter from Grandma Myrtle, in her own hand-writing:
My Great Grandfather Jacob Johnson was born in Holland & came to America before the Revolutionary War. He was married twice. His first wife had two sons & one daughter. His second wife was born on the ocean coming over from Holland. Their son Isaac J. was my grandfather. Born in 1812 & died in 1907 in Fergus Falls. He was married to Almira Hale who was half Irish & half Welch but born in America in 1816 & died in 1888. their son Parker Samual was born in Madison wis. Apr.17, 1847 & died in Battleford, Saskatchewan, Can. in 1937 at 89 yr 7 mo. old. My mother Ella Ellise Davis was born in Sparta, Wis. Dec. 19, 1854 & died in Bigger, Sask. in 1922. My Grandfather Isaac had two half bro's. who settled in Tenn. & one of whom he alway's believed to be the father of Pres. Andrew Johnson, who was a taylor.

Well, I just got a letter from my sister, Connie, who is married to Wesley's son, Gary...This is his recollections of the Johnsons:

Gary doesn't remember much neighborhood stuff that far back. His family moved to the Seattle area when he was nine. But Wes typed up some papers (which Dad's memorabilia should have a copy of as one page has a note initialed by him). I see a couple of pertinent things here. Claude Claypool was a farmer in Maine Township when he married Cora - it doesn't say when they moved north (Dean has a note on Rick's Parker Johnson site about Claude and Al Baldwin digging a ditch between Petersen & Dead Lakes to relieve flooding). Wes's information also says the Parker Johnson family lived in Fergus Falls when Myrtle was born. Parker was a construction worker, but later took up farming west of Star Lake. Don't know Dick's position in the family compared to Myrtle? Richard (Dick) Johnson married May Satsford, an English girl, and had lived in Canada since he was eighteen (also does not say when they moved from Saskatchewan to British Columbia).
Gary & I, Phyllis & Don, and Gertsie drove up to Agassiz, British Columbia to visit with the Johnsons on the occasion of May's 95th birthday (think she was born in the zero year so the trip would have been in 1995) Her son Wes (and wife Nina) have lived in the same area for many years and he was the Lord High Mayor at that time (it's like a mayor over other mayor's and he was over four towns).
Gary does remember a lot about the times in Seattle as Archie and Myrtle came out, and he worked at Todd Shipyards while Myrtle worked for American Linen Supply. We have no dates at the moment, but Gary does have Archie's ID card for the shipyards somewhere, and we'll look to see what date is on that. Gary remembers a lot of Johnson visits and the Groth boys during that time as Archie & Myrtle had a house of their own and lots of family seemed to come by there.

much love, Connie

And then, once Unc Dean had seen Connie's letter, he sent me the following:

I am glad Connie put her account of what she and Gary found about thae Parker Johnson family as I was sure they must have lived down there in Ottertail County at one time . Mom

Yes Helen, Parker Johnsons lived in the northeast corner of Fergus falls, on a hill near a cemetary, before you got to the fair grounds on he way out of town. Vyron lost two uncles in the 1918 flu eppidemic John Northup and Lee Johnson both went. Lee is buried in the cemetary on the hill. Dick Johnson did marry a May. They had Verla, Ella, Wesley and Earl. Aunt Mae Johnson married Lewis A. (Albert) Baldwin who went by Al. and was my Uncle Albow and Bertha Johnson Married William Gillette who was my Uncle belly (Billy)..

I'm sure my information could be wrong, but I am wondering, is it possible Ira's middle name was Richard and they called him Dick??

I think Rick has figured it out right, Ma had an uncle Ira Davis that lived at Dunvilla near Pelican Rapids. That is where the Ira came from. Vyrons middle name was Leslie even though Ma always refered to her brother as Lee. Unc

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Parker Samuel and Ella (Davis) Johnson Family

Children of Parker and Ella Johnson

Leslie Johnson (Lee) B. 11/12/1876 Died in Flu epidemic around 1918.
Bertha Gillette (Bertie) B. 10/25/1878 M. Will Gillette
Ella Baldwin B. 05/27/1882 M. Lewis Baldwin
Cora Claypool B. 06/18/1885 ? M. Claude Claypool
Ira Johnson (Dick??) B. 06/08/1889 M. May
May Baldwin B. app. 1891 M. Lewis Albert Baldwin (Al)
Myrtle Northup B. 07/24/1893 M. Archibald Northup (born 09/24/1878) (Archie) D. 12/06/1966

Pictures of Parker and Ella Johnson

A Picture of the Four Johnson Girls (Cora, Bertha, Myrtle and May)
Grandpa Parker Johnson (In Canada)